March 2, 2011

Admission Counselors

Did you know that you have an Admission Counselor here at Palm Beach Atlantic University? They are here to help with your college- decision- making- process. Each one works with different kinds of students. Some work with students from the North, others work with students from the West, others work with international students, others work with athletes, and so on. Each one plays a role in our Admission department.
Let me introduce you to our Admission Counselors!

Jamie Zugelder- 561-803-2101 "I remember phone numbers, math problems, and ID numbers. I am a human calculator. In fact, Aliza calls me, 'the calculator.'"

Aliza Rozencwajg- 561-803-2118

Bethany Williams- 561-803-2118

Erin Roper-561-803-2108

Josue Leon-561-803-2104 "I speak 4 languages fluently."

Lauren Wade- 561-803-2104 "I have visited four different continents."

Matt Stegall- 561-803-2105

Rich Gaus- 561-803-2111

March 1, 2011

Spring Break Mission Trip! Part 1

I've never led or been on a Mission Trip. You see, I have this fear of flying. It gets in the way with the whole concept of oversea Mission Trips. Who would've known? Anywho, my friend told me about the Miami Mission Trip sometime in October (2010). My thoughts on it were simple. Yes, that could be fun to go on...not lead. God had different plans. I found myself filling out an application to be a Mission Team Leader. I also found myself scheduling an interview to be a Mission Team Leader. During my interview, the Mission Planning Team told me that I would most likely be put as the Leader for an overseas Team.

This scared me so much.

I did not want to lead an overseas team. I wanted to lead Miami. I love the idea of working in our backyard. Miami is one of the most unchurched cities in the nation. There's always something to do in Miami.
I got a call from the Mission Planning Team congratulating me. I was a leader. But where?


Within this entry, I will share my expectations. My team is leaving PBA and entering the Miami field this Sunday. We will be there 6 days (our Spring Break), and we'll be staying at a church. Our focus is on the homeless. While there, we will be visiting an abortion clinic and teaching migrant workers English.

I love the team! There are only 5 of us, and I would not have it any other way. I look forward to sharing my experience with you during Part 2!

PS. I am currently in the process of designing T-Shirts for Team Miami, so that I can surprise them with the shirts before we leave. Unfortunately, it is incredibly frustrating, and time is running out. It is already Tuesday! I am excited to see if this actually plays out.

February 28, 2011

Battle of the Bands 2011

There was a time before I was a Sailfish. I knew where the school was located in comparison to the beach, Iknew where the school was located in comparison to City Place (outdoor mall), and I knew that the school held an event called,
Battle of the Bands!

Every spring semester, Palm Beach Atlantic University holds a Battle of the Bands. This event is one of my favorites. When I was a senior in high school, I attended the Battle of the Bands. I was excited to see how the students interacted with each other. I understood that PBA was a Christian school and was excited to see it first hand. A tour is wonderful but attending a PBA event felt a lot more real.

This past Battle of the Bands event happened to fall during an Open House event. With that said, there were many high school seniors. There were free T-Shirts being thrown, free iTunes gift cards being given, and plenty of free soda being handed to the audience. Let's not forget to mention those bumpin' beats. A few bands competed for the ultimate prize! Only one would leave the Rubin Arena (in the gym) with the grand title.
The audience and the judges loved the band,
Carry on and the Wayward Sons!
They took home a little more than a T-Shirt, an iTunes gift card, and a soda. They won the Battle of the Bands 2011!

February 17, 2011


What is a Tele-Counselor?

Tele-Counselors are PBA students that call prospective students to identify their interest level. They are interested in building friendships and sharing their PBA experiences. From freshmen to seniors, our Tele-Counselors are diverse. Some Tele-Counselors are international students, and others are from right down the road. Don't be shy! Answer the phone. They are excited to hear that you have expressed an interest in PBA. Our Tele-Counselors work Monday through Thursday from 4 to 9. They're also here on Fridays from 3 to 6 and on Saturdays from 9-1.

February 15, 2011

Tips for Parents!

As your high school senior begins to prepare for PBA, you, as a parent, may begin to feel like you are losing them. You're not! They will always be your little one. The picture on the left is of a freshman that now lives in Baxter Hall. Her name is Skye and she is from Sarasota. Like Skye, many students and their parents come to visit the school. This jpicture just happens to be at one of the very many events we offer for students and their parents.

When I came to college (Fall 2008), I was a commuter, which meant I lived at home with both of my parents. It was very hard to adjust to PBA, because I felt like I was not part of the community. When it came to friends, I had a very small amount. I was miserable.

In the summer of 2009, I worked at Admissions. It was a whole lot of fun. They offered me free housing, because I was working 40 hours a week. I brought it up to my parents. At first, they weren't too thrilled. They didn't want to lose me. I am their only child, and I have always been over protected. They eventually agreed that it would be a wonderful experience.
After the summer of 2009, it was time to leave dorm life and return home for my second year of college. I could not figure out why God had given me such a huge blessing, and then taken it away just as fast. As much as I love my parents, I really was starting to enjoy living away from home. I had learned a great deal and God knew that.
I received an email that was said that my scholarship was going to extend onto the Fall/Spring semester. This meant that I would not be leaving dorm life! Words could not describe the excitement. Now my parents really felt like they were going to lose me. This idea of now moving into Weyenberg Hall instead of home was confusing for them. No doubt we were all nervous about the changes.

Since then, I have been living in Weyenberg Hall, participated in multiple clubs and organizations, met many wonderful friends, and felt comfortable being called a PBA Sailfish. I love PBA's community, because it is a home away from home. Moms and Dads, it will never replace real home; don't even fret about that.

February 11, 2011

...And Getting Caught in the Rain.

Most students would say that their favorite things about PBA are the Christian Atmosphere and the location. We are located directly in downtown West Palm Beach, FL. Nearby, City place stands. City Place is like an outdoor mall. There's a movie theatre, various restaurants, multiple shops, live music on certain nights, and much more. It is also in walking distance of PBA's campus. Although City Place is a great place for entertainment, it is also a marvelous place for job opportunities. Because it is so close to PBA, many PBA students work there.

Well, who wants to walk anywhere when it is raining outside?

Apparently, not many people. The sidewalks are, for the most part, empty.

However, sometimes, you'll run into some students that are running for shelter. I know it doesn't look like it in the picture, but it was raining pretty hard at this point.

While some simply run, others remember to bring their umbrellas...and run.
That building in the back is the Greene Complex for sports and recreation. I don't see any athletes outside.

I want to take this moment to let you know that, in order to get these pictures, I creeped on people. Another wonderful thing about PBA is the size. You pretty much know most of the students at the school, which makes creeping on people, creeping on friends.
Even the plants are getting soaked.

Just be grateful that you were not on a tour during this rainstorm.

If you are interested in getting a tour just call us at 561.803.2992.

Stay classy and dry,
Jenny Bacallao on behalf of Admissions

February 9, 2011

Feb 2011- CoffeeHouse

Like Monday Night Live (MNL), Coffeehouses are huge events at Palm Beach Atlantic University. These kinds of events are great for socializing and supporting one another. Before MNL showed up, Coffeehouse was my favorite PBA social event. There's something about live music, coffee, and fellowship that just sounds so appealing.

Luckily, there is a Coffeehouse this Friday at 9:09!

Coffeehouse Line Up

1. Alex Franks and David Denton : Singing/Piano/Ukulele

2. Macayla Prevost: Singing/Guitar

3. Alli Lenk: Singing/Acoustic Guitar

4. Jenny Bacallao, Peter Copan, James Carter III: Singing/Guitar/Piano

5. Robbie Santis: Singing/Guitar

6. Evelyn DeJesus: Poetry Reading

7. Tebby Burrows: Singing

8. Tabitha Meeks: Singing/Piano

9. Crysys

10. Angie Caswell: Singing/ Electric-Acoustic guitar

11. Maco Monthervil: Acoustic Guitar Duo

I am pretty excited about this Coffeehouse, because the theme is chocolate! I hear there are going to be candles, decorations, and, obviously, chocolate. However, the line up for musicians is way better than the candles, decorations, and chocolate combined.

Let's get to the point. I. AM. EXCITED.

February 8, 2011

Monday Night Live (2nd Show)

Monday Night Live is done every few months. This is a shame, because it is very popular on campus. After the superbowl (Congrats G.B.) MNL (Monday Night Live) was on the brain. The actors were preparing, the costumes were getting put into boxes, the props were being counted, and the audience was gathering. On the MNL Facebook event page, over 200 people said they would be coming.

Over 200 people were jammed into the HKP Recital Hall. Some students were on the laps of others while most students were sitting on the aisles. One of the cast members peeked through a backstage door and told the cast that there were more people standing than there were people sitting. The nerves were about to burst through the roof. Although nerves were high, the excitement in that recital hall was much more immense.

The cast is made up of PBA students and 2 Resident Directors, Jeff Timmer(RD of Weyenberg Hall, Rinker Hall, and Samaritan Garden Apartments) and Amy Burroughs (RD of Baxter Hall). It is evident that they are all in it for the fun. They have been preparing for their February Show since their last show, in October, ended. It takes a long time to prepare for these things, like script writing and video editing.

Monday Night Live is similar to
Saturday Night Live. There's a host and a musical guest for each MNL show. It is composed of various skits that are each separated by a video clip. At the very end, the video bloopers are shown.

For now, the MNL cast is preparing for their April showing. It would be nice to have a March MNL, but there just isn't enough time to prepare. I think I can speak for the entire student body when I say, we are super excited for the April MNL.

February 3, 2011

The Glorious Outside

While the North receives snow up to their ears, we, in our shorts and flipflops, skip on the various green lawns located all throughout the PBA campus. A few of us were watching the weather channel and noticed the warnings near Michigan. It is hard to imagine living anywhere super cold like that. I've lived in West Palm Beach, FL, my entire life. I have visited colder locations and have never felt like I could fully enjoy it. The cold weather is just not my cup of tea.


I can't imagine drinking hot liquids all of the time. I'm not saying that, as a Northerner, you can't drink cold liquids. I'm just saying that most people would think you were ridiculous if you were drinking an iced coffee in 20 degree weather. I like smoothies too much. Anyways, I am really enjoying this weather. Currently it is 80 degrees outside. I've seen many students with surf boards and tan lines.


I get pretty cold at 65 degree weather. The coldest I have ever been in was 17 degrees. That was in DC during the holidays. I thought I was going to die. My Florida Jeans (yes, that is a THING) were too thin and very far from being considered any kind of shield. I learned my lesson. I had thick and unflattering jeans on the next day. However, I had scarfs, thick socks, thermals, huge jackets, and straightened hair. Other than the hair, I looked like a pillow. If I had fallen I would have bounced right back up.


PBA is a great place, because it is beach weather (most of) all year round. It depends on where you're from. Just because I would not go outside doesn't mean you would not. Maybe you would consider West Palm Beach as having beach weather all year round.


January 13, 2011

"Why would I take 18 credits?"

Many students went home over Christmas break (2010) to spend time with their families and friends. It can be hard walking out of your dorm room for the last time, but a break is always needed. College can become overwhelming in the blink of an eye.
For Christmas, we had a family gathering. It was a lot of fun. When I wasn't with my family, I was with my friends from High School.
For New Year's Eve my family went to Disney World! It was packed! The capacity for Walt Disney World is 100,000, and they reached this amount at 9:30am. Many of the rides had a two hour wait because of this overpopulated fun zone. Overall, it was a wonderful time full of fireworks and Mickey ears.
When we got home, I still had one more week before school started. This was a time full of laundry, ordering school books, selling old school books, and using up gift cards.
Once I got back onto campus all I wanted to do was see my dorm hall mates! It was wonderful seeing everyone.
As soon as classes began, I realized how difficult this semester would be. I have 18 credits, a part time job, a resolution that requires me to go to the gym, and many extracurricular activities. Through all of the stress and lack of time management skills, I find peace. I know this is where I am meant to be, and I thank God for the opportunity to get an education from PBA.

December 14, 2010

A Final Story

You know it is Fall Finals Week when it's 1:45 a.m. and you're still in the library. Let's back up to 7:30p.m.

Your thoughts:
"Why does this happen??!"
"I've been on Facebook for more than 5 hours!!!"
"I need to watch the YouTube video where the camel falls on some asian kid...for the 600,000th time."

Now it's 12:30a.m.
After you avoid those thoughts and actually get to work, you find it hard to focus. People walk by your study room and you, because it is PBA, know them. Of course you're going to walk out of the study room, and do some socializing. I mean, afterall, you've only been socially networking this entire time. You owe it to yourself to talk to real humans.

Now that you're done with that, it is time to start getting down to business. Some things get done. It isn't too long before you realize you haven't had coffee in 2 hours. You decide it is time to get some. Since it's about 1a.m. now, you have to walk to your dorm to get your energy booster. As soon as you walk out of the library, you experience chills like none other. It's about 20 degrees outside. What happened, Florida?!? It's not worth it. So, you go back into the library.

On the first floor, you encounter about 100 people you know. It would be rude not to greet EACH and EVERY SINGLE ONE. That is exactly what you do and by the end of it is about 1:40a.m. At 1:45a.m. you walk into your study room determined to get work done. As you begin to read the chapter in your book, a librarian enters your study room.

"The library will be closing in 15 minutes."


November 17, 2010

Don't Miss the Mess- GLO PARTY 2010

• Featuring DJ Ben Katzaman
• Random paint attacks to keep the party going!
• Bring CA$H to support PBA Missions! Mission trip members will be selling plain white t-shirts to raise money! All proceeds go directly to PBA Missions Fund.

This is just one of the many events that you get to attend as a PBA Sailfish. I went to last year's GLO party, and it literally was a slap in the face of fun. It started with paint being thrown from everywhere. It ended with a huge dance party full of dirty, painted on PBA Sailfish. It was great walking around like a penguin- not by choice.

I know what you're thinking- why is it called GLO? I wondered the same thing, because the paint didn't glow. Each PBA Sailfish is given light sticks, light bracelets, and light necklaces! As you run around dodging your roommates handful of paint, you'll look super fly with your glowin' accessories. Why would you ever want to miss this mess?

PBA is one of those schools where community is everywhere. It's easy to get involved. Once you are involved you will meet tons of people with similar interests and your time at PBA will be one of the most memorable things!

Your GLO experience will be just one of the many memories that will...stick...with you.

October 27, 2010

Radio Shows at PBA

"The Taylor and Nate Show" and "J.A.W.S Radio (Jenny and Wendy Show)" are two of the popular PBA Radio Shows at PBA.

"The Taylor and Nate Show" is on Tuesdays at 8 pm. "J.A.W.S. Radio" is on Fridays at 6pm. The two do not compete, in fact, there is talk of them collaborating for one show. If there wasn't talk about it before, now there is.

The two shows are actually quite different. "J.A.W.S. Radio" focuses primarily on the artist. From musicians to poets, they cover it all. There is a "Shark Tank Time" where guests are asked ridiculous questions by the co-hosts (Jenny Bacallao and Wendy Georges) and the listeners. "The Taylor and Nate Show" is well rounded; they, Taylor Smythe and Nate Goodlet, lead interviews and have special guests.
The two are different, but they have one similarity! They are both worth listening to.


As Friday approaches, pencils get dropped and papers get put to the side. The library is put on hold. Some students go home or on some sort of exciting vacation. Some others take avantage of the quiet campus.

"I am playing with the Bryan Reynolds Band (local band made up of PBA students), and I was planning on visiting Seminaries. Also, my family is coming to visit me. So, we're going to watch an air show and a shuttle take off on Monday," says Shane Hess, 21 (Senior).

"I'm going to South Carolina to visit family I've never met before! I will chase Fall!" Kristen Scarcella, 21 (Senior).

"I really love PBA, so I'll be spending my Fall Break with my roommates. None of us are going home! I'm really excited. The RA (Resident Assistant) is planning on doing some fun Fall activities like Pumpkin carving. It's going to be great. I also love that it is October and we can still go to the Beach!" Ashleigh, 18 (Freshman).

As for myself, I'll be taking this opportunity to relax, do some homework, watch some movies, and hang out with friends. A lot of the weekend is unplanned, which is awesome! Let's live it up spontaneous style!

Have a wonderful Fall Break, PBA!

October 26, 2010

Monday Night Live



A live, sketch-comedy event based on the concept of SNL (Saturday Night Live), but with a PBA-spin.